Today was a BIG day for Edibles

The folks behind Medible are pleased to announce the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled in favor of cannabis infused edibles, extracts and dirivitives. This is a HUGE step forward in our ability to provide a LEGAL product to customers.

There is still work to be done, but after todays big ruling, you can expect to see activity on the webpage. FINALLY we can move forward with our dream of providing tasty “high” quality AND consistent dosed products.

CHECK back for more updates and comments on how todays ruling is a game changer!




Went to California. Got warm. Got connected to prescription pot and super medibles ☺

I was excited to be in California! It was warm.

I was in Sacramento checking out the 420 scene.  Cruising  420 dispensaries series and staying next door to . This is a WEEDLAND.

I was able to smoke some medical marijuana and let me tell you I wasn’t disappointed. I never am. It’s just so good.

Met up with a California marijuana candy maker and was lucky enough to pry some (100’s?) chocolates out of his hands! This guy has mastered his years of pot extractions and created C’s Candy.

These little creations of art contain most potent mix of THC,CBD, terpins and flavors I have ever tasted.  Something special going on here. You definitely want to buy these when in the area!